Weatherproof Boxes

If you're in need of durable, weather-resistant storage solutions, then you've come to the right place. Our Weatherproof Dri Boxes are designed to protect your belongings from the elements, making them perfect for outdoor use or for storing items in damp or humid environments.

One of our most popular products in this collection is the Large Weatherproof Dri Box. This tough, heavy-duty container is made from sturdy, high-quality materials that are built to last. It features a watertight seal, so you can trust that your belongings will stay dry and protected no matter what the weather has in store. It's also stackable, so you can easily store multiple boxes together to save space for more garden furniture or outdoor heating and barbecues items.

Another great option is the Medium Weatherproof Dri Box. This medium container is perfect for storing larger extension leads and other items, such as sports equipment, tools, and more. It features the same watertight seal as the Large Weatherproof Dri Box, so you know your items will be well-protected.

If you're in need of even more storage space, check out our range of garden storage solutions. This massive container is perfect for storing all of your larger outdoor gear extension leads and cables. It's made from the same high-quality, weather-resistant materials as our other Weatherproof Dri Boxes, so you can trust that your belongings and electrics will stay safe and dry no matter what.

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