Christmas Tree Skirts & Collars

In the heart of every UK home during the festive season stands a Christmas tree, and nothing completes its look quite like a tree wicker skirt. Our collection ensures that this foundation piece not only supports your tree but adds an elegant touch to your holiday décor.

Dressing a Christmas tree is a cherished tradition, but it's the finer details that truly elevate its presentation. At the base of these glittering branches and shimmering lights, our tree wicker skirt sits as the perfect finishing touch. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, each piece in our collection promises to encapsulate the spirit of Christmas in its weave.

Whether you're searching for luxury Christmas tree skirts to add a dash of opulence or hunting for a great deal in our Christmas tree skirt clearance, our assortment has something tailored for every taste and budget. For those with more compact trees, our 4ft Christmas tree skirt ensures even the smaller additions to your festive setup don't miss out on this stylish accessory.

The rattan tree skirt, with its natural aesthetic, is a brilliant choice for those seeking a rustic or traditional feel. And for those in search of something more contemporary, our tree skirt grey is a sophisticated option that blends seamlessly with a range of festive palettes.

Yet, our commitment to festive decor doesn't end here. Pair your chosen skirt or collar with items from our cheap Christmas trees collection or adorn your tree further with baubles and garlands. And if you're looking to create a cohesive festive theme throughout your home, don't miss out on our traditional home decor range.

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