Rattan Garden Furniture

Frequently Asked Question

How long does Rattan outdoor furniture last?

Rattan garden furniture are typically made from PU and PVC, which is generally considered as a cheaper material to other synthetic rattan styles. Synthetic PE rattan furniture is created with the best material that is durable and last a lot longer than the alternatives.

Rattan furniture sets usually suffer due to the material rusting on the frame. Steel frames are the cheapest option when purchasing a dining set, however it is also susceptible to rust damage that can occur quickly. Aluminium frames are considered the better option as they will not rust which will keep your garden furniture sets in good condition for a lot longer.

How do you store Rattan garden furniture?

Rattan furniture that is made from synthetic materials can be left outside all year round, although this is advised against if you want your garden sets to last. Even if you are going to keep your furniture in your garage, shed or a cooler conservatory through the autumn/winter months it is always a good idea to keep your furniture sets covered.

Protecting your rattan sets is made easier with a quality garden furniture cover. These can come in all shapes and sizes and we recommend that you always protect your furniture with a PVC cover for superior protection against all weather conditions.

How durable is Rattan furniture?

Rattan furniture sets are trending due to the strong and durable material that they are made from. Although the quality can drop if you purchase a synthetic rattan set, which depends on the quality of the materials used to make it. Synthetic Rattan is created with the added benefit of being able to withstand even the most extreme UK weather. Not only if the resin and plastic

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