Egg Chairs

Discover our garden egg chair collection, perfect for enjoying the outdoors. Our range includes versatile egg chairs for outside use, including hanging and rattan styles. Ideal for relaxation, these chairs combine comfort with elegance.

Garden Egg Chair: Your Perfect Outdoor Retreat

Our Garden Egg Chair collection - where comfort meets style in outdoor furniture. Our selection of egg chairs for outside use is designed to enhance your garden, patio, or balcony, offering a unique blend of comfort and elegance.

Why Choose a Garden Egg Chair?

Garden egg chairs are not just furniture pieces; they are a statement of style and relaxation. Our range includes hanging egg chairs, double egg swings, and rattan egg chairs, each offering a unique way to unwind in your outdoor space.

Creating Your Outdoor Oasis with Our Egg Chairs

Whether you prefer a swinging egg chair with a stand for gentle motion or a double hanging egg chair for shared relaxation, our collection caters to your preferences. These chairs are perfect for creating a cosy nook in your garden or on your balcony.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are used in your egg chairs?

Our egg chairs are crafted from high-quality materials like rattan and durable fabrics, ensuring they withstand outdoor conditions while offering maximum comfort.

Are the egg chairs suitable for all weather conditions?

While our egg chairs are designed to be robust and weather-resistant, we recommend using protective covers or storing them indoors during extreme weather to prolong their lifespan.

Do the egg chairs come with cushions?

Yes, most of our egg chairs come with comfortable cushions for added relaxation. Please check the product details for specific information about cushion inclusion.

Can the egg chairs be easily moved?

Yes, many of our egg chairs are lightweight and can be moved easily to different locations in your garden or patio.

Do you offer a variety of styles and colours?

Absolutely! Our collection includes egg chairs in various styles and colours, including the popular egg chair grey, to match your outdoor decor preferences.

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