Plant Supports

Find a wide range of plant supports designed to help your favourite flowers and veggies grow tall and strong. From stakes and cages to trellises and obelisks, we have everything you need to give your plants the support they need.

Our stake and cage options include classic bamboo stakes, sturdy metal cages, and even decorative options like our metal stake plant supports. These are perfect for supporting tomatoes, peppers, and other vining plants as they grow.

For taller plants, our trellises, screening and obelisks offer a stylish and functional way to support their growth. We have options made of wood, metal, and even plastic. Be sure to check out our selection of wall mounted trellises as well, perfect for small spaces or adding a vertical element to your garden.

In addition to these traditional plant support options, we also carry a variety of plant hanging baskets and plant pot stands. Our traditional hangers are a trendy way to display your plants to add some height to your summer garden.

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