Arches, Pergolas & Arbours

Arches, Pergolas & Arbours are a beautiful addition to any garden, providing a shaded walkway or sitting area for you to enjoy the outdoors. Our collection features a wide variety of styles and materials, so you can find the perfect match for your garden.

If you're looking for something more modern, take a look at our selection of metal arches. These sleek and sophisticated designs are made from durable steel and will add a contemporary touch to your outdoor living space.

One of the great things about these garden structures is the versatility they offer. Arches can be used to create a grand entrance to a garden or to frame a walkway. They can also be used to support climbing plants, creating a beautiful and natural archway for all your gardening needs.

Pergolas, on the other hand, provide a more spacious area for outdoor gatherings or simply enjoying a quiet moment in the garden. They can be freestanding or attached to the side of a house or other building, and can be outfitted with curtains, shades, or other coverings for added protection from the sun or wind.

Arbours are similar to pergolas, but are typically smaller in size and more focused on providing a shaded sitting area. They are a great choice for a cosy nook in the garden or a secluded spot for reading or relaxing on a sun lounger.

In addition to their practical uses, arches, pergolas, and arbours also add a decorative touch to any garden. They can be simple and understated, or ornate and decorative, depending on your personal style.

In need of some extra shade? Our parasols for the garden or pergolas are the perfect solution. These spacious structures provide plenty of room for garden furniture and can even be outfitted with curtains or other shades for added protection from the sun.

No matter what your style, we have the perfect arch, pergola, or arbour for you.

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