You don't have to throw your wheelbarrow away once it's ran it's course and started rusting. We get it, a wheelbarrow for garden work and building sites can get damaged quickly, but your old gardening scrap can become great new decorative planters for your garden.

Being able to move the planter is also a great way to ensure that your flowers and vegetables will always have access to the sunniest spots in your garden! Maybe you need to move your new plant pot for a garden party, barbecues or just change the focal point a little bit.

Preparing the wheelbarrow for it's new life as a decorative flower planter is easy. Protect the metal from rusting into your soil with some plastic lining. You can also think about drilling some holes for extra drainage if required, depending on what flowers are growing.

Creating A Colourful Focal Point

Using a brand new wheelbarrow for your DIY wheelbarrow planter makes a the perfect decoration for your garden. You can add some plastic lining to ensure the soil is protected throughout the changing weather of the year.

Succulents Love The Space

Succulents love plenty of space and look great in a spacious rustic wheelbarrow.

Hanging Plants Are Perfect For Bigger Barrows

Reusing your older wheelbarrows are perfect for your hanging plants. Allowing your colourful flowers to hang over adds a vibrant focal point to your garden arrangement.

Vibrant Pink Flowers Rustic Style

The pink flowers create a vibrant addition to this rustic wheelbarrow which will compliment your garden.

Vintage Wheelbarrow Planter

Vintage wheelbarrows make the perfect decoration for your garden. These mini-wheelbarrow styles don't take up much room and is complimented by a colourful range of flowers.

White Hanging Blooms For Blending

White blooms are perfect when planted in this green wheelbarrow. The green grass compliments the overflowing white hanging flowers to create a tranquil focal point for your garden.

Colourful Blooming Bushes

Wheelbarrow plant pots in your garden can't look any better then this. Our final vibrant example displays everything that wheelbarrow gardening can create for the surroundings. The wooden frame on the wheelbarrow is perfect for the bushy red, blue and green bushy flowers.

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